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The Read and React is a complete offensive system. It can be customized to style of play, the strength of a team’s personnel, or the coach’s philosophy. It can be used against man or zone defense. Through minor adjustments, it can even imitate many of basketball’s most popular offenses, and without the restrictions that come with set plays. The Read and React’s revolutionary layered system will develop players, teams, and even programs in a building block progression. Its foundation layers are simple enough to give a youth team a complete offense while simultaneously teaching them how to play by principle. For the higher levels, the advanced layers contain the depth that would equip a college or professional team to attack and counter any complex defense. The Read and React simplifies playing without the ball, while giving freedom to the player with the ball to use his skills and attack the basket. A player does not need a high basketball IQ to run the Read and React, yet the system allows great players to flourish. It doesn’t teach plays, it teaches players how to play. It can be your entire offense by itself, or it can be used as an offensive framework in combination with sets or plays.

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