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To the average fan, John Calipari's teams win because of their powerful offensive system. The truth is that Calipari's teams rely on defensive pressure and disruption to create scoring opportunities. The ultimate goal of Calipari's defense is to create a faster game without giving up lay-ups. This instructional basketball DVD presents drills, from 1-on-1 to 5-on-5, that Calipari uses to build his defensive pressure from the ground up. Learn how to incorporate the lunge, early help, and close outs to assemble a disruptive defense. Using the shell drill, Calipari shows you how the post double down forces turnovers and bad shots by the offense. He puts players through game like intensity drills to prove their defensive effectiveness. Through this pressure defense, every offensive system can be guarded including the flex offense and the motion offense. 65 minutes. 2009.

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