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NINE of the BEST SKILL - BUILDING DRILLS I Have Ever Used in my 23+ years in the Business! Challenge Your Players With New Drills This Season! The Ultimate Repetitive and Competitive Drill Set - Assembly Line Skill Builders! This DVD is a detailed drill series 9 in all that will teach and reinforce important skills, both on offensive and defense, in a repetitive, competitive and progressive environment. Your players will be challenged - both mentally and physically - on each of these 9 drills. Drill Names Include: The Shredder, Shooting Machine, The Perfect 5, Barbed Wire, 3 on 3 on 3 Cut-Throat, The Grinder, Karl Malone, Motion Builder, Triple Shot Weave, The Gauntlet and The Motion Builder (not included in DVD video but included on the pdf file with the DVD). 2010. DVD running time 120 minutes!

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